" I enjoyed meeting with Dan. I had some questions about my life purpose. Dan was able to give some interesting insight. I also had my first reiki session with Dan. I had some irksome back pain that I wanted to treat and after the reiki session, the pain was gone. I was very happy." ~ Hilary S

"Dan did a Skype call with me a couple of weeks ago now. I had had a reading done by him in the past at the Body Mind Spirit Expo in Colorado Springs. With recent world wide events, and my own personal life events, I felt called to reach out to Dan again. He made it really easy for me to be able to reach out. Emailed me back quickly,  helped me get Skype set up since it was new to me, and was flexible about the time - meeting with me after my daughter was off with her daddy for the evening. Dan has great positive energy, and offered me insight and some great ideas on how to clear some of the energy currently around me. After talking to him I was able to sleep that evening and change my thought processes in ways that are beneficial to me! I look forward to working more with him in the future." ~ Jenny H
"Excellent mentor and advisory for the higher realms. Mr. Liss has a comforting energy to put your worries at ease. If soul searching is your goal, he can definitely help you navigate." ~ Jessica W
"Dan is a very compassionate human and has a gift for sure. He is like an old friend when you meet with him. I had a reading and past life reading, both helped to clarify some things I’m going thru. I highly recommend his services, I’ll be going back in the future for sure. I may try other services he offers as well. If you are looking for someone like him you can’t go wrong in my opinion." ~ Sandy M

" If you are looking for a reader who is the real deal, Dan is it. Dan performed a reading for me on December 21st 2019. He said I would embark on a project and that friends would come alongside to help and contribute just the right talent at just the right time. This did not resonate with me since I prefer to do everything myself and dislike requesting assistance, so I shrugged it off. It came to pass exactly as Dan predicted when I began to organize an art show for a terminally ill friend in anther state. If you have never attempted an undertaking like that it is a tremendous amount of work and we were under tight time constraints. Just as Dan had said, friends showed up offering their help, exactly what was needed at precisely the time it was needed. We worked together amazingly well with our goal always in mind. Everything came together quickly and I could not have done it myself. Thank you Dan for providing the encouragement to complete the project for my friend at the end of this life. " ~ Karla F

" Thank you! I had you read my cards for me two years ago, and you were apparently very right. I’m happy and in a great place in my life.  " ~ Kelly L

" Recently I went to Dan and I really liked him. He felt more like a life coach, offering great suggestions to address issues I shared with him. After a day or two, he followed up (at no extra charge) to genuinely see how I was doing. I'm glad I went. " ~ Di F

" Oh my goodness, Dan was so insightful and knowledgeable. I learned so much from the card reading. Thank you so much  " Shelly Q

" Dan is plain and simple a great person. He is kind and light hearted. He is overly generous with his time and talent to calm and create peace. Dan is as much a therapist as a healer and intuitive. I've seen him mutiple times and each time I grow to know and like him more. I've never walked out of there without feeling lighter." ~ Naomi F

" I honestly can say that I had a really good experience with Dan. This was the first time I ever spoke to him, but he really made me feel like he was by my side and that he wanted to help from the bottom of his heart. He’s naturally just a people’s person. Opened up my eyes to a lot of different understanding of my relationship. Very helpful information. He gave me his undivided attention and advice. Thank you Dan . I will speak to you again soon! " ~ Michelle N

" Dan got right down to business, he was very professional, I learned a lot about what we can do until the next session. He also took the time and listened when discussing why we where there, I look forward for our next session. " ~ Windy S

 " I am very pleased with my experience.I had a spiritual breakthrough I've been wanting for a long time. Good energy and awesome how he provided gifts i learned a few things and my husband and myself shown a very helpful relationship technique. " ~ Jessica M

 "Dan was wonderful to work with! He has such a nice energy and gives off a relaxing vibe.He genuinely cares about you and your future. I would recommend Dan to anyone who needs advice, He give my daughter some information that she needed to hear about a past life which seemed to calm her down in this life. Thank you Dan for all the information that you gave her she has a lot of peace now."  ~ Theresa

"He was extremely detailed in all that he said as I am new and was a bit skeptical about this. He was very insightful and just a wonderful man to get this helpful, insightful and knowledgeable gift from THANK YOU Dan!!!" ~ Jade G

"Dan was great! He was so easy to work with and really took the time to make sure all of our guests had a wonderful experience and he made sure that everyone got a chance to speak with him. Our guests loved the experience! Dan went above and beyond my expectations! Thank you!" ~ Sarah A

 " Dan is most patient, kind, and giving. He approached me with his offerings and I joined him in my healing session. I was glad I did. Clarity and balance followed. He allowed a phenomenal amount of time for me while carefully and methodically explaining his beginning path to his present. He is very insightful and encouraged me knowingly/ unknowingly about my current concerns. My physical ailment healed faster than expected and my headache went away during the session. This morning my doctor checked my wound and was eye popping surprised. They wanted me to prepare to go into the hospital which I didn't have to do. After my session with Dan and looking in the mirror I looked like my age was 20 years less. That tells me it was good! " ~ TS  



"I just had my second reading with Dan and just as with the first one, he is a gifted reader. He was right on track with the projects I was asking him about and his additional information was extremely helpful. I highly recommend him." ~ Echo Bodine

Echo is an internationally known healer, psychic and teacher who has hosted her own radio and TV shows, was the director The Center for Spiritual Development  and the author of several popular books. You can find out more about Echo and her work at http://www.echobodine.com/ 

"My reading with Dan was a great experience! He is very genuine and  his reading was clear, insightful, informative and very helpful. I've  spent a lot more money on readings a lot less intuitive. I highly  recommend getting a reading from Dan." ~ Peter Kater

Peter Kater is an award winning pianist, composer and producer. Peter won the Grammy in 2018 for Best New Age Album. His many collaborators include: R. Carlos Nakai, Nawang Khechog, Paul MCandless, David Darling, Tony Levin, Joseph Firecrow, Trisha Bowden, Richard Hardy. You can find out more about Peter and his music at http://www.peterkater.com


"Dan, I am keeping your words of wisdom in my heart. You have enabled me to move forward in a positive manner. Your introduction to this special world has filled me with honor and hope. We all travel the road but. as you said, ..some of us find a special map. Able able to help people now who are preparing to travel the last road, It is amazing how you coached me to use this gift. You are a treasure. In my prayers." ~ RJ

"Thank you for today. You profoundly changed my outlook. You reopened the part of me that is able to understand life on the multi-dimensional level. The part of me that knows that we have a bigger purpose." ~ Danielle G

"My life changed the evening I met with Dan. He gave me the clarity I was seeking to understand my mission, vision, and purpose in life. As a Mexico native and descendant of a family of healers , I struggle to find a healer I can easily connect with. Dan and I connected before we met. His gift is incredible, but his willingness to help others is a blessing to us all. Get ready to have a "Magical Awakening" with Dan, I did. He is a very special person. " ~ Esthela  F

" Dan creates a sacred space and a feeling of safety and love while giving Reiki. He is a true healer, sharing his gifts for my self-discovery and transformation. His session promoted deep relaxation and a feeling of empowerment and well being. I would recommend Dan to anyone seeking the healing power of Reiki. " ~ Samantha Ruth

" Dan is great because instead of simply giving you an answer to your question, he challenges you to drop into yourself and empower your own inner guides to find the answer. He is also a very calming and honest soul, and listens well. " ~ Mandy M

"Amazing. I left with some tools and exercises today that I didn't expect. I also walked in with pain in may ways. I had been feeling blocked energetically. I also walk in with pain in my head, neck, uterus, and tightness in my throat. I left with 0 pain and felt lighter. I am thankful for the soul level clearing that took place. I feel at peace:) " ~ Samantha G

"I emailed Dan about wanting an appointment and he got back to me within 10 minutes. I was feeling sad and in a place where I needed some clarity and answers. Not only was he super flexible with the appointment time, but generous with his time. Seeing him was exactly what I needed to move forward and I left feeling so much better than when I arrived. His space is calming and grounding and Dan is such a calm and comforting presence. Highly recommended." ~ Kelsi C


"My session with Dan was not only validating and healing but also brought me a lot of clarity as well. He was not only very kind and professional but very attentive to my needs since the initial request for service. My experience was that it was time and money well spent. " ~ Toni G

"I went to see Dan without really knowing exactly what I wanted or needed, all I knew is I wasn’t in a good place mentally or emotionally. I needed healing from current relationships and past relationships, I needed clarity for my future and that’s exactly what he gave me. He went above and beyond with his services. He must of known I needed it! Dan was extremely generous with his time, unlike a lot of people who rush you out the door as soon as the time us up, he wasn’t like that. He took his time. I appreciate what a kind person Dan is. I will be going back and also referring friends and family!" ~ AR 

"Dan made himself available for my reading at a very unorthodox time, as he felt that I needed guidance. He was amazing, and spot on with my situations. I highly recommend Dan Liss to all of you needing guidance. He is the real deal! " ~  Julie M

" We hosted a few friends for a girls night and invited Dan. Half of the group had never done anything like tarot and Dan explained all of the details and even included some other ways to engage with yes/no questions. The readings were so applicable to what was happening in all of our lives, which varied drastically. One friend was debating more children, another just lost her husband unexpectedly. He was generous with his time and I know we will be seeing him again! Highly recommend. " ~ Jennifer M

" If you are in need of help with any aspect of your life. I would highly recommend contacting Dan Liss. Four months ago I was in a deep dark place. Beaten down by a lifetime of heart ache, sorrow and pain that overshadowed any joy in my life. Nothing seemed to help. In desperation, I scoured the Web and found Dan Liss. He has been working with me ever since  and my life has improved dramatically.  I am healing, my stress level is nonexistent and I have a great since of calm and balance. I now have a goal to fall in love with life and discover how I can contribute. With Dan's continuing help plus the tools he has taught me, I will accomplish that goal and more. I am eternally grateful to you Dan. You are a Godsend! " ~ Kathy A

"Dan was amazing; he is full of knowledge and truly is in it to help people. He was very patient, kind, and gentle and answered any questions I had. He performed a healing on me that wasn’t even scheduled! He has changed a bit of me for the good. Thank you, Dan! "  ~ Alayna  F

" Talent, generosity and sincerity is what comes to my mind when reflecting on my meeting with Dan. We met for the first time this week and I will definitely return. Dan helped me come to terms with a huge issue that has been looming, about which, I am able to become more settled. If you need someone with understanding and a realistic view, I'd definitely recommend a session with Dan! " ~  L Kowal


"Talking with Dan is like remembering again.. Time fades and seeds are planted and dead flowers come back to life."~  Amelia K

" I want to offer these comments as a gift of gratitude for Dan's help over the years; he has been a wonderful resource for trusted spiritual guidance. As can happen in life, I was thrown a curve ball that was completely inconsistent with my core beliefs. For a long time after that event I felt off-balance, lost, and disconnected from Spirit and my Higher Self. I will forever be grateful for Dan's kind consistent coaching that has assisted me in reconnecting with Spirit and my Higher Self so that I can move forward. I highly recommend Dan as a coach for spiritual growth. " ~  Karen S 

"It’s been a while since I had my reading, almost a year. He was very very kind and very spot on with many things I have been through and will go through. He told me a year ago I would be in a relationship in 2019 with someone I already knew, someone I kind of already forgot about and sure enough it happened in the last couple of months. I am definitely looking at booking him again, I definitely recommend Dan. " ~ Skyla

" Dan Liss did a good job in clearing my home of negative energies. He is friendly and quite personable and is more than willing to chat and share helpful information beyond the scope of his intervention (in this case house clearing)" ~ Frederic Lassiter 

" Dan is probably the most generous person I've met in a long while going above and beyond the call. He made me feel 'seen' and is an excellent teacher of his craft explaining or clarifying your questions when needed. I really enjoy working with him. The knowledge he has about tarot, especially, is amazing. I hope you use him for his readings and his classes. His passion for his work will uplift you and bring you the connection you're seeking. " ~ Midas Spider

" Dan was amazing! He was so spot on not only about what was going on in my life but where my soul is! It wasn't just a psychic reading, but a life coaching event. I highly recommend Dan if you need any guidance in your life! Thank you Dan!!! " ~ Hayley M

" I had a reading with Dan last night. He really helped me get clear on where I was blocked and helped me open up to new ideas/concepts. I believe he was spot on with helping move forward in my new adventure. I will work with him again. " ~ Donna F

" We had Dan come to provide readings at our corporate Holiday party. He was a perfect complement to the evening's festivities! We had 400 guests, and he was attentive to each and every one, while also being mindful of the long line of people waiting to see him. He was professional and prompt in his communications with me and a joy to work with. I hope to have other opportunities to engage him. Highly recommend! " ~ Ginger S


"Dan was amazing! He came to do a reading for me and my friends and it was the best reading I have ever had. Very on point. He did not make us feel like a number and did not rush the readings. He gave us as much time as we needed to deliver the messages he knew we needed. He was remarkable, kind, welcoming and thorough. Can’t wait to see him again." ~ Danielle S

"I had my very first Reiki session with Dan today, and he is a very compassionate man and he truly loves helping others.. I absolutely loved my reiki session speaking to Dan is like visiting with a dear friend who really gets you and doesn't mind sharing his heart and wisdom. I'm getting another reiki session with him very soon. Please call him you will be very pleased he's awesome!" ~ Helen M

 "I highly recommend Reiki as a practice and Dan as a practitioner.  I definitely experienced a magical awakening and am so grateful for this experience.  The session was exactly what I needed it to be.  I am positive that many feel the same as instinctive tailoring of healing should be the main objective for every practitioner and is the most beneficial for each patient regardless of the healing modality being employed.  Also, the bath salts are phenomenal!!!  Thanks again and again, Dan!"  ~ Amber A

"Dan is genuine in his craft and love for healing. He is easy to be around and makes you feel comfortable from the first moment. He is generous with his time, giving with his spirit and delivers his messages with warmth and compassion. The question that brought me to his door was validated with clarity in our first session, and has put me on the path toward achieving my goals." ~ Mercedes

 "I recommend Dan. So kind and helpful. I had  mulitple broken bones and he helped me through the healing process." ~ Susan B

"It's always a pleasure to meet with Dan. The three separate times I have seen him, I've walked away feeling lighter, refreshed, and more confident about myself. He is an excellent communicator and is always compassionate with his work. My past life, tarot readings and reiki work sessions were truly amazing. I physically felt like weight had been lifted off of my body. He is selfless with his gifts and is committed to helping in any way possible. I'm very particular about who I get guidance from, and Dan is one of the select few. Thank you for sharing your talents and knowledge. Looking forward to our next visit!" ~ Misty T


"The world needs to know of Dan's talents! So here is my story:

I was having a bit of a breakdown, when I found Dan Liss online. I'm not from Colorado, so I do not have the network I am used to calling upon in times of crisis. I did an online search for Tarot readers and energy workers, hoping to find both in one person. Dan Liss was the first to respond to my inquiries. I took it as a sign to go ahead and book with him, though I live in Capitol Hill (Denver) and Dan is in Longmont. I am so glad I decided to make that short trip!

I was, of course, a bit wary of Dan and his talents. I have had great experiences with energy healing and Tarot, but I am also aware that charlatans do exist. However, upon stepping into Dan's space, any doubt of his authenticity as a healer and reader quickly faded. The energy was most definitely there, and I immediately felt calm knowing I was in good hands.

That first session was a mix of Tarot reading and Reiki. It exceeded my expectations, and I began to see my life change around me. I had felt lost and alone before going to the session. On the ride home, I knew I was on my path.

I booked a second session a few weeks later, since I began to feel the need for clarification in another part of my life. My experience was just as rewarding as the first.

Dan's readings are thorough, and he has the compassion, honesty and insight required to genuinely be of help to someone in need of clarity and direction. His Reiki skills are equally phenomenal. In fact, after a few sessions, Dan became the Master that led me to my own path as a Reiki practitioner! As a healer, I had always been interested in learning Reiki. However, the right opportunity for me to learn just had not arisen. Thanks to Dan's knowledge and willingness to teach, I have begun my own life-long journey as a Reiki Master. 

I think back to the feelings of despair and regret I felt before that first session, and I can't help but laugh. I am so glad I followed the signs and chose love over fear. I have no doubt I was led to Dan at the perfect moment in time. My life has received a necessary overhaul, and I can see the effects of the Reiki energy daily. In just a few months, I have changed jobs, living spaces, relationships and attitudes all for the better. I have regained the self-confidence I had lost along the way, and I made a great friend in the process.

Thank you, Dan! It is indeed God's work you are doing, and the world is a better place because of it. Blessings to you and yours!" ~ Sara G


"Dan's reading helped me find peace of mind with some very important and time sensitive life decisions. He is skilled in a variety of modalities. Tarot, pendulum, and numerology were the ones he used with me, but he is also a Reiki master and a dream interpreter. If you ever find yourself with too much anxiety or attachment to a particular outcome to make a sound decision on your own, call Dan. If you need some insight and spiritual uplift, call Dan. If you're having a small gathering or a big corporate event, book Dan. Your guests will not be disappointed. Even if you're not sure about "magic" and you just need someone to talk to, call Dan. He is so intuitive and incredibly warm, friendly, and generous. It is like talking to an old friend. I look forward to the opportunity to seek his guidance again. In the meantime, I will joyfully refer him to all my friends, family and loved ones." ~ Dawn C

"I would like to thank Dan so much for what he has done to help my family.. He was been a great teacher to me and my mom. He has helped us with so many problems and issues we have been having. He has such a nice energy and gives off a relaxing vibe.. Thank you so much Dan for everything you have done." ~ Alexa R

"I was extremely happy with my reading from Dan. Not only is Dan a breathe of fresh air but he has an innate ability to tap into source and gave me exactly what i needed in my time spent with Dan. My first meeting with Dan, he introduced me to Reiki which Ive never had before. The healing i received is something i cant describe as my who being flooded with positive energy. I have to say, Dan is one of a kind and forever a friend to me. much love Dan....your friend Amber." ~ Amber H

"Dan Liss is such an angel! I had been experiencing some things that were draining me of my energy. Dan came to my home on extremely short notice, which was even an hour drive for him. Upon his arrival, I instantly knew he was the right person for the job. We performed a clearing on my home and he gave me a Reiki attunement. His attunement was hands down the most powerful healing I have ever experienced. I even looked different afterwards- I no longer had dark circles under my eyes, my face was full of color and I felt amazing. Thank you Dan for showing up and being fully present with me during my time of need. You are such an angel, and I am so blessed to have met you. I will definitely be in contact for further services." ~ P Paschal

"Honest and caring-cares to help people and give as much information as he can. Included energy work and numerology. His tarot reading was accurate. Spent extra time doing reiki and trying help move stagnant energy. Really passionate about his work and very knowledgeable." ~ Brandee

"Dan was absolutely wonderful to speak with. I contacted him with questions about my past lives and he exceeded my expectations!! Very open-minded and welcoming as well. And so very knowledgeable!! In life we only regret the things we didn't do. The fact that you're here reading this is no coincidence. CALL HIM! It'll be one of the best calls you've ever made. I, for one, cannot wait to speak with him again." ~ Krystal E.

"Fantastic all the way around! Dan is awesome! He has such a gentle and kind energy. I knew I was in a safe and compassionate space with Dan. I've had the pleasure of working with him a few times for reiki and tarot readings. The reiki was incredibly healing and soul soothing. The reading helped guide me and confirmed that I was on the right path. It was uplifting and inspiring even though I was in a total mess. The messages I needed to hear came through clearly, and Dan made them easy to understand. He is an uplifting soul with a beautiful gift to share. I had a follow up call with him after a session (free of charge!!) and he was able to help me, yet again! I have only had positive experiences with him and won't see anyone else now. If you are hesitant to reach out to him, don't be, go for it! " ~ Natalie D

"At first, when I booked him for a hour's Tarot reading and a Past Life Analysis, with my Deafness I was a bit nervous about the communication between us.   Would I understand him?  Would he get my questions and then respond thoughtfully to them?  Well, I was soo touched by his total respect of my Deafness by him being willing to write everything down for me, which is not easy for most hearing people.   He carefully detailed everything and wrote down the pointers that I should follow to optimize my career, my natural talents, and my later love life.   He also was able to discern through his past life analysis that I was actually a male troubadour performing music to uplift the people in my European village and in this lifetime, I am still a very uplifting person as a Deaf woman!    He also was able to discern the types of Spiritual Guides that I have in my life who are helping me and advising me everyday.   It is not often that you find a very experienced tarot reader with his kindness and sensitivity and his Leo big heartedness.   He is a warm, kind, understanding Old Soul that is a soothing, honest advisor.  If necessary, if he sees it, he will tell you unpleasant things that you may need to hear, we all want the truth so that we all can improve and work on ourselves.   He is also a Master when he teaches the tarot, no question.  He also taught me how to answer some tarot questions with 3 card answers and then how to analyze the answer cards.   He will customize the conversations with each client so that the client gets the real information.   You can trust this wonderful kind advisor and find out what you need to do with the specific information he finds through your readings for your life, family, career, finances and of course, health and romantic matters.  When you know your talents from your past lives, you can now understand why you are talented today and then know what to do next in your life with his information.   Blessings to all clients of his." ~ MarJean

"Dan is extremely gifted and intuitive! I had my first experience with Reiki with Dan and each time is stronger than the previous. I went in with no expectations and in a matter of days I have been feeling my chakras opening and aligning. The most recent session, Dan channeled in my spirit guides which led to tremendous results. I will be back for multiple sessions." ~ Porsche B

"As we conclude 2017 IANDS, I wanted to thank you all for your support of the healing community and those who sought out your services. I witnessed each of you treat your clients with respect, provide the best reading/energy work that you could, and provide value to those you served. Some of you even took the time to support your fellow healers/readers by sharing your gifts with them as well. I want to say how much I appreciated your decision to accept IANDS' invitation, your dedication to your craft, and the willingness to share your gift with others. There was a bit of chaos in the halls, yet you had no problem focusing and giving it your all. Thank you!" ~ Karel Hadacek


"Dan has been absolutely remarkable in teaching my partner and I how to communicate after hitting the relationship brick wall, that always seams to be the first step in growing apart instead of together. His guidance is subtle yet very effective. We have gained the knowledge to accelerate our relationship to levels we never thought possible. I will continue to seek counseling with Dan for years to come due to his ability to guide us towards higher understanding . I would highly recommend Dan for any purpose of relationship and or higher learning of self . Thank you Dan." ~ M&

"Dan is a wonderful Reiki master, teacher, mentor and all around great person! I have learned so much about the Reiki practice as well as myself and my future. Everyone could benefit from having him or someone like him to look up to and learn from" ~ Lacey S

​"Dan is an excellent reader.  His guidance is always delivered with love and a positive outlook.  Dan's outlook is always spot on, everything he has told me or warned me about has come true and I am very thankful that I had his help in being prepared for life's ups and downs.  It is very easy to get an appointment with Dan and you can have a reading over Skype, the phone, or in person.  I highly recommend that you give him a try if you are struggling with a problem or just need some clear cut life advice."~ Nicole N.

"I had Dan do a tarot card reading for me. My intention was to receive an assessment of where I am on my spiritual path. I've experienced some challenges over the past year, from which I feel I am moving through, but I wanted some external clarification or reinforcement. I selected the cards and Dan placed them in a diamond arrangement. Then in a very neutral manner, Dan began explaining the significance of each of the cards. The wheels of my mind began clicking into how this archetypal array of information unraveled some of the questions I still had, and by the end of the session, I had a deeper understanding of where I was, and where I was going. It truly validated the rebirth process, I have been traversing."

"I awoke early the next morning, and the cards along with Dan's words, kept giving me more clarity, understanding, and best of all, STRENGTH. A fleeting thought crossed my mind, "Wow, this is really magical." I had to chuckle as I just then recalled that the name of Dan's business is Magical Awakenings! He states on his website that when we are open to Magical Awakenings our ability to change our life and create what we desire is more powerful, letting us move into higher levels of consciousness and success in our lives. Thank goodness I was open, and thank goodness for Dan!" ~ Karen

I had the honor of Dan teaching me how to use Reiki. I want to use Reiki mainly for myself, but would also like to use it to heal others as I grow and learn in practice. Dan has a very strong connection with the universal energy among us, which I felt emanating from him the day we met.  He is humble in nature, and confident in his connection with spirit. Thank you, Dan, for expanding my knowledge in Reiki, and strengthening my own confidence in my connection with spirit and the universe." ~ Christina

"Dan did a great job teaching me all three levels of certification for Reiki. He explained how the instruction would take place over a series of months so that I could practice and see the difference as I progressed, and he did exactly as he explained. Dan is professional, ethical, kind, and really cared that I understood the material and that I was trained well enough to practice what I learned. I felt that I received an excellent quality of training at a very fair price. I would recommend Dan to anyone who was interested in learning Reiki and willing to invest in a thorough understanding of what it really means to practice it."  ~ Susan

"When you were doing reiki on me and pulled the old, stuck energy out through my feet, I felt like there was a bunch of black stone in me that suddenly cracked, crumbled, and then fell out of my feet like a powder that just poured out. I feel so much better now." ~ Kristy

"I thank you again for all your help and caring. You have ferried me thru the roughest waters of my life" ~ Jana 

"Dan Liss is the most helpful, consistent and accurate reader I've encountered in my many years of seeking out spiritual guidance. He is able to assist his clients in not only improving their lives, but improving the world around them at the same time. If you are looking for a reader to help guide you with compassion, understanding and solid practical advice, schedule a reading with Dan. You won't regret it!" ~ Nicole

"I have had several readings with you and everything you told would happen, has happened! You have given me a lot of insight into the relationship I am currently in. I probably would not have had the patience to stay in it had you not told me that everything will work out. I recommend you to anyone looking for a gifted reader! Thanks so much!" ~ Dina

"Simply wow! This resonated so deeply with me. You have no idea how truly blessed I am for you doing this journey for me. Much love and gratitude to you Dan. I know now what I need to do." ~ Lisa

"In a recent reading, you told my husband he was the "King" of his life and business. He has been putting that to work for himself a lot since then. He has stepped out of his passive self and really realized what a "King" really does. He has become so much more empowered by the words and directives you read to him from his cards. I can not thank you enough for your continued amazement. I always walk away from you with a much clearer picture of what has been rolling around in my head already. You are such a calm, loving and very gifted human Dan. And I thank you so much for your continued service not only for myself. But more importantly my family." ~ Rose

"I am just astounded - your reading could have come word-for-word from my own guides. You have recognized my fears and put them to rest. Thank you so much, Dan!" ~ Connie

"Thanks so much for the dream interpretation.  I really enjoyed your insights!  You have brought up a couple of possibilities that I had not considered.  Your interpretation was thorough and thought provoking!"  ~ Tina 

"My children and I were experiencing dark, heavy energy in our home. My children woke up often terrified. It was affecting the flow of our home and causing fear, anger and anxiety between us. Dan helped me clear this energy over the phone (remotely). He was professional, kind and very gracious as he went through each phase. Our home is SO much more calm and peaceful. We are sleeping well and that funky "stress" is gone.  He is truly a blessing to my family!" ~ Cassandra

"I had a Meet Your Spirit Guide Session with Dan. I have been learning all about this and after talking with Dan I feel much more sure of myself and my understanding. He put everything into perspective,explained about the various Guides and gave me tools to answer my questions. He also affirmed a Guide for me. I have been on a spiritual path for a little over a year and have learned so much. This session just made everything more real, more intense for me. I would recommend this session to everyone. It was so much more than I had expected. Thanks, Dan." ~ Janet Marie

"Thank you so much for the excellent reading. You have given me so much to think about. I especially enjoyed the numerology information. I really appreciate the thought, time, and effort you put into the reading.  You are very professional, gifted, and eloquent. I am very satisfied with your service and will recommend you to others in the future. I am still very much in the "searching" stage, but I can tell you that your reading really did help. I can't thank you enough." ~ Tiffany

"I would recommend Dan's home clearing to anyone. When we moved to Colorado, our family was experiencing some intense and dark energies in our home that were showing up mostly during sleep. After Dan performed his shamanic clearing ceremony, there has been a field of protection around our home.  In fact, it feels more like we have been supported by loving and positive spirits!"

 ~ Chris

"When I called Dan, I had just left the E.R. and was in desperate need of some Reiki and energy work. He graciously accepted to see me right away. When I walked into his place, and sat with him, I was immediately met with this calm feeling I cannot put into words. He sat and listened to me for almost an hour, explaining that he knew I needed to talk. The Reiki that followed was amazing,enlightening, and profound. I'm in the midst of my own spiritual awakening, and to experience not only what Dan's gift was,but to experience my own gift being charged by his energy was astounding.I felt the connection to the universe,to his energy,the earth's energy, and it is nothing I can put into words. I feel as though the universe brought me to him. His guidance,his demeanor,and energy was amazing and I cannot wait to work with him again. Thank you Dan for an incredible life path altering experience. ❤" ~ Tiffany P


"The Reiki you did today on my broken foot helped the pain go away and the swelling to go down. I also have more peace of mind. Thank you! I really needed that." ~ Carolyn

"Thank you Dan. I left with such a different experience of where I'm at in my life. I think you lifted off a great deal of gunk that had been shrouding me. Last night I had one of those nightmares you talk about. At least in the dream I knew I would have to clear this error, but all I could think of was, Boy, is this ever settling!" ~ Beth

"Wow.  Thank you for this reading.  I am really blown away by it, and it really seemed to hit the nail on the head in all areas. What you describe with writing would be incredible and really has helped me to realize how amazing that would be and more about what I truly want.  The last part, where you talk about acting confidently and as soon as I am able to really feels right as I think there is a part of me that was considering whether to move forward and how."  ~ Kate

"After reading your interpretation of my dreams, an enormous sigh just released from my body. This is exactly what it means." ~Leigh

"Dan’s readings are thorough, and he has the compassion, honesty and insight required to genuinely be of help to someone in need of clarity and direction. His Reiki skills are equally phenomenal.  It exceeded my expectations, and I began to see my life change around me. I had felt lost and alone before going to the session. My life has received a necessary overhaul, and I can see the effects of the Reiki energy daily. In just a few months, I have changed jobs, living spaces, relationships and attitudes all for the better. I have regained the self-confidence I had lost along the way, and I made a great friend in the process." ~  Sarah 

"It was a delight to meet you in person.  I have been so fascinated with past life. I especially find it fascinating when keys to issues are found in past lives. Thank you for giving my friend such a fantastic experience! She has always had a really tough time with spelling & reading so the fact that she specifically mentioned a life in which she enjoyed reading-that was probably a new perspective for her to actually feel." ~ M

"Thanks. I could really feel the pulsing of the reiki in my chakras (energy centers), even the ones I didn't think needed anything. Now I feel stronger and energized. I feel much better, and encouraged to do what I have to do." ~ JC 

"I want to thank you again for the wonderful Reiki session on Saturday. I was so relaxed and soothed afterwards. I found that the next day I was very emotional - a lot of stuff I have been supressing, came to the surface. I think the Reiki instigated that. Since then I have been feeling more relaxed than I have in a while and just happier in general. You really are a powerful and gentle healer guided by so much love. I so appreciate that you are offering your gifts in this way!" ~ Many Blessings, Sarita 

"Dan, thank you SO much for taking time to interpret my dream! I really appreciate it. I actually felt that a lot of my life's experiences were being pieced together and clearing up, leaving me feeling much lighter. But wow, you were pretty much right on the dot about a lot of the things you said!" ~ Melissa

"Last night was such a comforting session. Most of the things we discussed were things that were buried deep in my heart and soul and bringing them to the front as you did brought such clarity. You will be reading for me again and hopefully for others that I am more than happy to recommend to you...You are a kind and gentle man. Thank you." ~ T