All my work with clients is designed to enlighten, empower and encourage each person to be able to get more out of life and achieve the goals you set.

Mentoring can also include sessions where you simply want to explore possible paths and life choices that are presenting themselves. A combination of discussion, accessing my clairvoyant abilities and insights based on experience. During major life changes in career, relationships, spiritual development and more, this flexible mentoring approach can be most helpful.

I am offering a special bundles of sessions at a significant discount as a way of expressing my gratitude to you and to be able to offer you a variety of ways to help.

There is a maximum amount of freedom here. You are buying some of my time and energy, but how you use it is totally flexible.


Package of 3: half hour sessions for only $130 (my normal rate for these would be $150)

Package of 4: half hour sessions for only $150 (normal rate would be $200)

Package of 3: one hour sessions for only $200 (my normal rate for these would be $300)

Package of 4: one hour sessions for only $300 (normal rate would be $400)

Package of 3:  90 minute sessions for only $300 (my normal rate for these  would be $450)

Package of 4: 90 minute sessions for only $400 (normal rate would be $600)

If you would like to engage in a mentoring program that encompasses a larger view and a longer term of development, we can design one that suits your needs and budget. You can mix and match methods and the number of sessions within your package.

Tai Chi Chi Gong,  a  beautiful, simple, powerful method for your health and strength. Exercises are easy to do.  A series of 10  one hour sessions for $300.  I have not taught this in a long time, but the recent health crisis we are working out way through, has inspired me to offer this.  And, obviously, several feet of space is needed between people in order to do the movements.

Reiki:  If you would like to learn Reiki, my fee is $300 per level and $900 for all three. In this course, you get 30 hours of study and practice, 10 at each level. A textbook is provided, which is yours to keep for learning, practice and reference. We can arrange a class schedule  that work for you. Training then, takes one month for each level. Since I teach one on one, there is maximum flexibility in scheduling and you have my full attention as a student. 

House Blessings & Clearings of unwanted energies: $300

Tarot:  Would you like an individual class in Tarot that would teach you the history of the cards and how to use them not simply for fortune telling, but for fortune creating? My fee is $400 for 6 sessions of 2.5 hours each (15 hours total). For classes, payment in full is due at the first session. 

Drumming:  How about a 4 session course of 2 hours each on how to use percussion instruments such as tambourines frame drums, rattles, and bells as tools for meditation, magic, healing and spirit calling? Fee: $200

Visualization and Guided Meditation Sessions: One of the easiest ways to get into a relaxed state of mind and direct your thoughts to setting and achieving new goals in life. Once you have experienced these methods, you can revisit them at will, helping you stay focused and on track for success. Remember that where your thoughts go, your energy goes. $200 for 4 one hour sessions

Because of the huge discount I am offering to mentoring clients, I am requesting payment for these bundles of sessions in advance. However, I am always willing to be flexible with those who are on tight budgets.

Are you ready to manifest your dreams? I am ready to help you bring them into reality.

If you have any questions, please ask.