Magical Awakenings
with Dan Liss

  Comfrey Reiki Healing Salve is made from herbs that I grow. As a Reiki Master, I both enjoy gardening and give Reiki energy to the plants as they grow, while watering them, while I am pruning them, while the herbs are curing during the moon cycles before they are blended with the beeswax from local beekeepers. Since I only make the salve from plants that I grow, I only make limited amounts each year, and once it sells out, it is gone until next year's batch. There are testimonials from customers on the testimonials page. Comes in a quarter ounce jar. $10 plus $2 shipping.

Magical Awakenings Attraction Oil
is a blend of essential oils with a jojoba base. You set the intention for what it is that you want to attract into your life, and your thought waves travel out into the world, carried on the wings of the fragrance. It is a lovely, aromatic fragrance created with magical intention. A little bit goes a long way. There are testimonials from customers on the testimonials page. Come in a one dram bottle. $20 plus $2 shipping.

Tarot and Oracle Cards make a wonderful self teaching and meditation tool. I often think of it as having an art gallery or a coffee table art book in a pocket or purse sized package. If you are a reader and are looking for a special deck, I have quite a number. Consider a deck if you are looking for a unique gift.  Since I acquire decks by dealing with other collectors, I am able to get hard to find and out of print decks from contacts all over the world. A number of the decks I have from Germany, Italy, France, Britain, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Austria and Belgium are ones you will not find in normal retail outlets. Some are numbered and signed limited editions. Of course, I also have quite a number of more common decks that are priced below normal retail. If you are interested, send me an email and I can let you know what is available. The inventory is constantly changing. I started out as a reader and became a collector, and that passion evolved into being a dealer. I am constantly amazed by all the beautiful decks that have been created throughout history and are still being created by many different artists.

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